1. Paper

    2022-03-17 15:05:08 UTC

    I began working with paper while I was in grad school. I started to mount sheets of cardboard to my studio walls. These large sheets were used as the testing ground for color and applications of paint. At the time, I painted on unstretched canvas that I directly stapled to…

  2. A Bit On Process - 1

    2021-05-11 17:59:53 UTC

    As an artist, I know when it’s time to move on to a new body of work when the current series I’m working on feels like a gimmick. It begins to feel like a gimmick once the rules I’ve created to govern the series I’m working on have been mastered…

  3. Artifacts+Fictions: Pete Hoffecker Mejia

    2017-12-12 16:39:11 UTC

    Artifacts and Fictions: An Interview with Peter Hoffecker-Mejia When Christianity arrived in the America’s, the church attempted to convert the indigenous peoples that greeted them. Those who resisted that conversion were met with violence, and more often than not, death. Many accepted that conversion which resulted in a present-day Latin…

  4. Shape Shifter: Laura Garcia-Penn

    2017-12-12 16:28:15 UTC

    Laura Garcia-Penn’s body of work consists of residual objects that manifest from strategic utilization of transformation and subversive transference of meaning. A bricolage of found objects, sculpture and film provide ample opportunity to explore and derive new meaning purpose, and channels to the various worlds that Garcia-Penn inhabits from one…

  5. Con Gusto

    2017-05-17 23:51:00 UTC

    My skin and eyes are light in color because my European ancestors arrived in the Yucatan and then proceeded to rape and pillage my Indigenous Ancestors. I’m a residue of resilience in the face of conquest. Soy mestizo y con gusto.

  6. Politics, Ideology, & Art: Understanding and Affirmation through Althusser’s Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatuses (2011)

    2016-03-24 17:10:33 UTC

    Politics Ideology, & Art: Understanding and Affirmation through Althusser’s Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatuses            In the documentary, South of the Border, film maker Oliver Stone visits with one of the most polemic government leaders in the Americas since Fidel Castro. The first scene of the film is of…

  7. What’s the Big Idea? (MFA Thesis, 2011)

    2016-03-24 17:09:27 UTC

    ­ “I stand between two worlds, am at home in neither, and in consequence have rather a hard time of it. You artists call me a commoner, and commoners feel tempted to arrest me … I do not know which wounds me more bitterly. Commoners are stupid; but you worshippers

  8. An Introduction to Las Manos Negras (2012): A project by Scott Gleeson, Dane Larsen, and Justin Shull

    2016-03-24 14:46:06 UTC

     I began my own investigation into models of socially engaged art and its processes shortly before graduating with an MFA from the Meadows School of the Arts in the spring of 2011. Creative Time, a nonprofit organization that works to coordinate and fund socially engaged art projects, workshops, and events…

  9. It’s Not What It Is - Published in UCLA’s Aztlan: A Journal For Chicano Studies (2014)

    2016-03-24 14:16:00 UTC

    Part 1: Imagine my surprise, at the age of 25, when I realized that I knew very little about the Chicano Movement. Sure we had heard of Cesar Chavez from our history books and while we knew he was important, the details were limited and those available were convoluted at…

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